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Lawn Hurting your Curb Appeal: Treat it with this!

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

One of the things important to note is that in Oregon, it's the law that the exterior FRONT of your home or condo be the first photo in your listing. It's the one people see to decide if they want to look further and read further so it counts BIG TIME. Part of curb appeal is your lawn.. when it's brown with dead bare areas, the home is not going to look as attractive as if your lawn is green and the space is neat and tidy. This means you need to start a few MONTHS ahead of time because fertilizer isn't something that works overnight. I also recommend this....

This is something to add in addition to a more balanced fertilizer that will make it extra green like a golf course. I would recommend they be put down a month apart. I buy this Milorganite on amazon. Obviously putting down a weed and feed recipe will help rid your yard of weeds first, then coming in a month later with this can green it up in time for our photoshoot a month later.

I also recommend limiting the colors in your landscaping if possible. If you want to put in flowers, I suggest greenery OR flowers that are at least in the same color scheme as the home. We are selling your home, not the flowers so I want the house to be the star of the show! Keeping your landscaping choices "boring" helps the exterior shot feel clean and less busy. Different textures of green keep it interesting without being splashy. Clear your front windows so ample light flows in. This might mean cutting lower branches of trees and shaping hedges. Do you have a direct sight line to the front door? Clear the walkways and remove toys, hoses and everything else that isn't part of the "look." If you have hanging pots, make sure they are full and rich with greenery or remove them altogether. (Skimpy hanging pots can add to the clutter.) When listing your home, it's important to use a realtor that can help you in making these decisions and seeing what can be done to improve curb appeal. Sometimes it's hard to "see it" as an outsider because you've lived there so long! I understand! When you list your home with me, we can walk around the outside of the house and come up with a list of things to do months in advance to prepare your home for sale. We'll do the same for inside! This gives you ample time so you aren't rushed and you'll get the most out of your investment. If you are searching for real estate agents near me or if you are googling Realtor in SE Portland or Oregon City, you've found the right gal. Can't wait to see your house!

Cheers.... Kristina


Kristina Browning is a five star rated realtor in Oregon City, serving OC, Portland, and West Linn. If you are researching how to find a realtor to sell your house in Portland Oregon, or looking for a relocation realtor, you’ve found the right one! Reference the list of reviews on the Buy and Sell pages here on my website or on Google and then Call, Text or email me to share your timeline and goals. We’ll put a plan of action together and get the ball rolling. Kristina Browning, Realtor & Home Stylist 503-505-3798

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