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House Plant Issues: Grow Lights

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

My obsession with plants has grown to an all out hobby these days. What began as a "for-reals" black thumb situation was amplified by my determination to figure out why I was killing EVERY plant that I brought into my house.

Here's the backstory: When we built our house, I had the builder take out A WHOLE EXTERIOR living room WALL in the plans. In it's place, I added a sliding California door wall of windows that accordions open in the nice weather. One would THINK this would give the space a decent shot at being plant-friendly. Nope. Did I mention we have two smallish windows higher up flanking our fireplace AND large windows opposite the aforementioned wall of windows? And still, they died. I trouble shot my way through soil, watering more, watering less, adding fertilizer, choosing lower light plants and then higher light plants... all to no avail.

My epiphany.

As a last resort, I swapped out the two recessed ceiling lights on either side of our fireplace with grow light bulbs. The heavens parted and angles sang! My plants were happy and green and I became a little, ah-hem, obsessed now that I FINALLY figured out the secret. I would have never, ever guessed my issue was lack of light based on the number of large windows in this space...BUT we do live in the Pacific Northwest with more than a few rainy days.

The grow lightbulbs are in the ceiling where these two arrows are pointing.

What I love most about this is these two lights are on their own switch and so as part of my husbands morning routine, he opens the shutters and flips on the grow lights by the switch as a habit every. single. day. Because the light sockets were already there, we didn't have to add anything additional in the room to accommodate my plants so aesthetically, it's the same as before. The only difference is my plants are thriving instead of dying.

Look at this beauty:

You can order a Grow Bar from Terrain (left) if you don't have a canned light (or a set) on a dedicated switch. This beauty is modern and looks like it belongs in a home as opposed to a garage which I've seen plenty of in the past.

Here’s what to expect:

  1. Order it online

  2. It ships to you in a tube and looks like this (middle pic above)

  3. You can mount it inside a bookcase, under or over just about anything. It's lightweight and so versatile!

Because all this glorious light worked so well, I have also now hung a plugged light from the ceiling in my master bedroom where I had room for it for my snake plant. Happy Growing!


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