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How to find a Realtor

If you are looking for a Realtor in Oregon City, West Linn or SE Portland, you have come to the right place. I live, work and play here. I built a whole website called OregonCityGuide.com to highlight all that this wonderful little town has to offer. Whether you are searching for how to find a realtor out of state or simply a real estate agent near me, look no further. I have client reviews on both of my Buy and Sell pages for your reference. If you are unavailable to meet in person, I can do a Zoom call to discuss your timeline and needs. Prefer to text? That's ok too! The economic impact of the pandemic will be far-reaching since our movement is limited. If you need to sell a home, and people are unable to attend open houses, you can imagine how that would cause a problem. But I understand there is a pocket of people who must move because of a major life shift like a job offer or welcoming a new baby and grandparents want to be near. So finding an agent like me who can list your home and create a virtual tour will be essential to selling your home and to those people figuring out how to buy a house during the Coronavirus lockdown. I am so thankful we live in this digital age! Had this happened in 1989, it would be an entirely different picture.

So, how do we proceed? Call, email or text me and we can establish your timeline and I can learn more about your circumstances and needs. Then we can build a game plan together. My contact information is as follows; Kristina Browning, Realtor 503-505-3798 or Kristina at SpaceAndReason.com

I look forward to learning more about you!

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