• Kristina Browning

How to improve your happiness

Wouldn't you love it if you had more guilt free time to spend with the people that you love?

Join my coaching program! Learn how to be less overwhelmed within your home and steadily increase your happiness with time for more spontaneous experiences.

What is a non-toy related experience that you remember as kid that made you purely happy? Was it playing in the water? I have a vivid memory of standing in our laundry room window looking out over our back yard on a summer day, smelling the fresh air and listening to the sound of birds, our sprinkler chirping and kids playing down the street. These young memories of happiness can sometimes lead us to keys of happiness in adulthood. I can help you streamline the chaos and areas of discontent within your home making it function more smoothly while making room for more joy and spontaneous moments.

How can I find more happiness?
Happiness can be found in simple pleasures and good relationships.


People that are more connected to their family, friends and relatives on a consistent basis are happier people. Good relationships matter immensely.


"I don't have time. I have to figure out how to have dinner on the table every night and it shouldn't be fast food, again! I have laundry that piles up so high until I can't ignore it anymore. My house is a mess and I can never find anything. My kids need my attention but I have all these responsibilities that pull me away. So how am I supposed to find time to enjoy simple pleasures and my relationships?' By hiring me as a coach. I can show you ways to remove the issues within your home so it functions better removing "the rub." I can show you how to automate things, organize things and create a home that THRIVES! You only have one life. If you are feeling like you suck at it, let's find some progress for you! There is no quick fix, but I have tools for you and things you can take action on immediately to improve your quality of life.

Thanks so much for spending this time with me! If this piqued your interest, check out my coaching packages here. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. I'm most active on Instagram.

Cheers, Kristina

Kristina Browning is a realtor in Oregon City, West Linn & beyond. She is a licensed in the state of Oregon under 503 Properties with a Sellers Representative Specialist certification. She is a home coach focused on spacial reasoning and home functionality ultimately creating a home that Thrives so you and your family can live a happier life.

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