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Ideas for Valentines Day cards

One thing I enjoy is creating custom Valentines Day cards every year. I waited until I was 40 years old to have a child so I have enjoyed having a cute little subject to photograph. I have full transparency between my personal and business life because I am a real estate agent in Portland, Oregon so I use our cards every year not just for family and friends but for all my clients with kids. (If you know someone looking for a real estate agent in Oregon City or Lake Oswego, send them my way!)

TIMING: January is your month -I try to have my concept done early so I have plenty of time to order them and have them back. We have family across the US, so I have to allot for mail time too. When kids are in school, they also trade Valentines, so I order enough for his class as well. I often use one of the card websites that allow you to upload a spreadsheet of all your mailing addresses which I copied off my Christmas list and paired down to only those people who have kids.

Babies are by far the easiest to produce a Valentine Card with because they are squishy and cute...a white comforter, red piece of fabric to cover his diapers and some red lipstick was all it took to create this one.

For this one, I hired an artist to draw my backdrop and I created a "kissing booth" in our garage with an old cabinet I got at an upcycle shop. I added his name in photoshop after the photos were taken. I also created a video about how I made this because they are only little once and I wanted to show Brett's wonderful art in more ways than just on the card!

For this card, we put a tux from the 1970's on my son that my brother wore at the same age in a wedding. We bought some roses and chose a neighbors porch that had a cute red door for our "the scene." His good friend Adeline accompanied him and we did Valentine photos of them both. I secretly bought some Valentines candy to pull out half way through to get a few more supporting photos because when you are dealing with three year olds, you never know how the shoot will go!

One year when we were visiting my mother-in-law in January, we actually got snow (we don't have snow every year where we live) and so I took advantage of it to stick his hands in a fur muff for a cute snowy shot that ended up being our Valentines card for the year.

Have a baking session and photograph it! I found a red apron for him to use and put him in a brown (chocolatey) long sleeve shirt and we make brownies and cupcakes for the card and then handed them all out to our neighbors after enjoying one.

Hot Wheels are usually a hit with little boys, so I used them to create a heart for him to lay in. Since he liked baseball and cars so much then, I wanted both in the photo. The shoot went quick and he was happy to help get out the cars!

When I saw these pajamas by Primary.com I knew I could make a whole theme out of them for Valentines Day. Sometimes your inspiration can simply come from a shirt or piece of clothing...start there and work your way out. We matched paper to the colors in his jammies and cut out hearts for the photo.

Looking for more ideas? I will update this as the years go on, so keep checking back! Meanwhile if you want some Christmas Card ideas, I have another post for those here in my blog. There's more creativity where this comes from... I also have a podcast called "Home Space and Reason" about home aesthetics, automation, organization and functionality.

It's weekly goodness about giving the spaces within your home some thought, questioning if things are working for you and designing space for spontaneous moments to happen. I am a Real Estate Agent and a Home Functionality Coach helping you to create a home that thrives.

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