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I hate my house: Do I want to sell or remodel?

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

It is my opinion that people are getting more comfortable with an “instant gratification” attitude. If their home isn’t feeling right, they sell instead of re-imagining their home, how it looks or feels, how it functions and how it could be changed. From 1987 to 2008, homebuyers stayed in their homes six years on average before selling, according to the National Association of Realtors.

As a Portland, Oregon realtor, I can’t tell you how many times I have walked through a house with a client making recommendations to get it ready to sell. Once they paint, de-clutter, add some plants and art on the walls, maybe add a fireplace mantel that should have been there all along, or fenced the yard they never used — they feel completely different about the space. They want to use the yard now. Giving your home the attention it needs to make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing. You'll feel the energy shift in the space because it has been elevated. This is possible for you because this is what Home Functionality Coaching is! Call me; I can help!

On the other hand, if you have 850 sq feet and you need 2300 sq feet - obviously a move is necessary. Or if you have a home in Nashville and you are being transferred to a job in Oregon City… a move is necessary.

Do you feel like your space is sucking the energy out of your day? We can consider paint color, organization or a small renovation to make a sizable change in your environment both inside and out. We can address the role your outdoor space plays in truly satisfying your inner self. Is your yard SERVING you? Is it handling your passions and drawing you outside? Do you have enough light inside? Do you have house plants in your space? Do you have room for everyone in your home to do what they love to do? If you love to cook, do you you enjoy your kitchen?

Conversely, are there spaces inside your home that make you crazy? Maybe the guest bed easily gets messy with things accumulating there. Maybe your kitchen counter becomes over run with mail and paperwork. Examining the functionality of these spaces and tweaking them can create progress and forward momentum.

Every family is different: habits are different, needs are different and taste is different. Perhaps an adjustment of a few spaces in your home is all it really takes to love where you live. Conscious and intentional choices are key. Book a consultation with me today to think out loud. We can walk your home to discuss EITHER enhancing or tweaking your existing space OR getting your house on the market so you can be in a home than better handles your lives. Let's do a Pros and Cons list so you can make an educated decision. Yay for progress!

Concept sketch for building a backyard cabana with planters to house a hammock

Maybe you need a hammock for reading. Maybe you need a dedicated small space set aside for meditation. Maybe your child needs a spot for creating art or doing his homework. You don't necessarily need a new house to accommodate these things in every circumstance. Maybe your partner loves to commute to work by bike and there is no space to easily access and store their bike. Do you love to decorate cookies? Does your partner have an obsession with shoes? Do you want to be more active as a family? What lights you up inside? THESE are the important questions that need to be answered. Your home should SUPPORT your life. I have a questionnaire I have put together so you can think on it; do some soul searching and then, we can chat about what you discovered and make some changes or get your house on the market. Book at appointment with me and I'll send over the questionnaire!




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