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My Tupperware Drawer is Chaos: Glass Containers

Remember when I said in Episode three of the Home Space and Reason podcast that plastic storage containers can be the biggest source of chaos? Yep. This is me walking the walk...My husband and I sorted our plastic containers, gifted most and then moved the glass containers that we use ALL THE TIME into that space. Store them with the MATCHING LIDS ON THEM. It's a game changer!

There are also silicone bags that can be used in the microwave, fridge, freezer, boiled on the stovetop in water and used in the oven. Plastic-free, hypoallergenic, easy to clean because you can put them into the DISHWASHER (what?!) and they have no lids or extra parts. They make the fridge beautiful when you use the CLEAR ONES (please only buy clear; visually it's less chaos!) in combination with your glass storage containers and you'll waste less food because you can see what you're storing. PS- it's woman there's an extra fist bump! Pro-planet, reduce waste... love. Yes the aqua are cute in the store, but your food should be the center of attention in the fridge so the clear will look better in use! You can order them ON Amazon here.

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