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Pets, Kids and Spills: A Machine Washable Rug

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

I did a photoshoot in my living room yesterday for a woodworker that makes magnificent benches, coffee tables, couch tables and dining room tables. I had the benefit of serendipitous timing because I just received my shipment from Ruggable with my new rug inside so I decided to use this opportunity to photograph the tables with both rugs making the images completely different. (Only my new rug is featured here.)

First: THIS RUG!! Made in the USA with many styles and color combinations to choose from, their rugs are both practical and beautiful. They use suppliers that are repeatedly inspected and certified to meet or surpass environmental, safety, social, and ethical standards (yay for social responsibility!) and simply put...I love my rug...did I mention you can take the top part off, separate from the pad and put it in the washer? Not kidding. Now listen up: It is not squishy and plush... but that is why it's machine washable. Our dear friends just got a new puppy. Unbeknownst to them, she had thrown up in the living room right before their iRobot vacuumed the house and SPREAD VOMIT EVERYWHERE. True story! She washed her rug twice. Thank goodness she had a Ruggable rug!

Second: THESE TABLES! They are literally made two houses down from where I live here in Oregon City. Molnar Woodworking is comprised of a father and son team that take quality and precision very seriously. Their tables are custom so if you have specs in mind, reach out to them and indicate the type of wood AND finish you like (you can reference their photos) and the type of legs you want (also in photos) and they will make it and ship it to you. The tables always feel substantial and sturdy and they were a dream to photograph.

Here are a VERY small sampling of the images. Thanks so much for spending this time with me! If you enjoyed my writing and thoughts, please comment, subscribe and follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. I'm most active on Instagram. Cheers, Kristina


Kristina Browning is a realtor in Oregon City, West Linn & beyond. She is a licensed in the state of Oregon under 503 Properties with a Sellers Representative Specialist certification. She is a home functionality coach focused on spacial reasoning.

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