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Choosing A Realtor: I offer Complimentary Staging

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

If you are on Google searching for How to find a realtor to sell your home, another good question to ask is What seller services do you offer? when trying to choose the right agent. To make it easy, here is a list of what I offer when listing your home:
  • Complimentary home value analysis

  • Complimentary Staging and Styling of your home along with a curb appeal consult

  • Open Houses & Broker Tours in a post-COVID first!

  • Your home will be entered into the MLS

  • Your home will be featured on my social media platforms including Oregon City Guide

  • You'll have my distinctive for-sale sign on the property, pictured below

  • Active promotion to my expansive network

  • I can bring buyers... I work with both buyers and sellers!

There are many things to consider when you are thinking of listing your home. A major one is how your home will look in that first photograph on your listing in the RMLS because that equates directly to how many people are interested in clicking on it to see more and learn more. This part of the equation is your curb matters BIG TIME! Making your home as photogenic as possible is key in getting those click throughs and this is my specialty. See this example below of a home listed by someone else on the left...and the same home listed by me along with the changes I suggested. Guess which one got NINE offers, all above asking price?! You guess it. The one on the right that I staged and orchestrated some curb appeal magic!

Look what a difference styling and staging can make INDOORS!!!

Next Steps: Call, text or email me... Kristina Browning 503-505-3798 and we can get your timeline nailed down along with a list of what to do next to make your house as stunning as it can be.


Kristina Browning is a Realtor in Oregon City. She is a fan of its entrepreneurial spirit and created OregonCityGuide for those residents and people considering Oregon City to purchase a home. This helps those who are considering moving to SE Portland, Oregon City or West Linn to get a feel for the town, it's assets, flora and fauna.

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