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I need a healthier lifestyle: Set your home up for movement

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Sometimes we put too much thought and effort into the TV and the couch while not balancing that with creating spaces for movement. There are several different ways to accomplish this by asking yourself some key questions:

1. Do I have a space available for meditation, yoga, stretching etc with the mat nearby? This could be indoors or out!

2. Do I have a space to work out - you don't need a whole room for this! A vertical stack of weights and some resistance bands can be excellent sources of strength building accompanied with an app like "jessies girls" which shows you daily at home workout routines that walk you through sets and form. You receive a new workout every day for 12-weeks.

3. Do I have my equipment for being active outside the home easily stashed for "grab and go" ease? If your childs' skateboard is buried behind boxes, the chances of them getting it outside to use it are slim. Hang the bikes in a spot they are easily accessed so getting on them is not a fiasco. Do you have a hitch or bike rack on your vehicle so you can easily take your fun and physical activity with you? Maybe an adventure on bikes would be more fun if you think of doing it ELSEWHERE? Get the hitch or bike rack purchased and installed or it just won't happen.

4. Do you have a spot in your closet where your work-out clothes live? Is your heart rate monitor, gym bag, Goo or whatever else you need to run, walk or be active in ONE place? If you don't have to search all over just to sweat, you'll be more likely to do it!

Set yourself up to succeed all year long. If you feel you don't have the space you need to do this and are thinking of selling and buying a home that is more accommodating, I would be honored to be your real estate agent. I have loads of positive reviews and value adding services! And Yes, I'm even "text friendly." --> 503-505-3798.


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