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Entertaining Outdoors: Sophisticated S'mores

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

As a Real Estate Agent, let me tell you about when I am walking with buyers through a home and we go into the backyard that happens to have a fire pit complete with chairs all around it… they immediately can imagine themselves there relaxing and enjoying their most favorite people. The process of envisioning yourself living there is the first step in a buyer thinking of making an offer. So, not only are fire pits a warm and fuzzy attraction for you, living at your home for years to come, but they are often attractive to buyers as well with visions of smores dancing in their heads.

Episode 38 is all about fire pits for your backyard on the podcast that I write and produce called "Home Space and Reason." What good would an episode about fire pits be if I didn’t touch on the topic of Smores? I want to introduce a few alternate takes on the concept and share them with you here.

  1. Roasted marshmallows are divine in between two high-quality Molasses cookies.

  2. Mexican hot chocolate s'more is inspired by the spicy chocolate drink. Use a cinnamon sugar graham cracker, toasted marshmallow, square of dark chocolate and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Then, if you enjoy the heat (I do!) sprinkle some cayenne on it before you top it with your other cracker.

  3. Opt-out of the crackers all together and use a banana sliced in half instead, with a square of chocolate and a roasted marshmallow.

  4. If you enjoy Asian flavors, try sriracha-spiced peanut butter and sweetened coconut flakes inside your regular graham cracker and roasted marshmallow. Ummmm, yes please!

  5. If you are the type to opt for savory over sweet, why not throw some Sea Salt in the mix? Use any shortbread style cookie, add a Ghirardelli Milk and Caramel square, a roasted marshmallow, and a sprinkle of sea salt, viola!

If you haven't listened yet, check out Episode 38 all about Backyard Fire Pits.


Kristina Browning is a five star rated realtor in Oregon City, serving OC, Portland and West Linn. If you are online searching for how to buy a house, how to find a realtor or maybe you are relocating to Portland Orgegon; you’ve found the right one! Reference the list of reviews on the Buy and Sell pages here on my website and then Call, Text or email me to share your timeline and goals. We’ll put a plan of action together and I'll get to work on your behalf.

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