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Kitchen Aesthetics: Where to Buy Knobs, Pulls and Handles

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Whether you are building a new home from the ground up, remodeling or simply looking to refresh a home that you purchased and therefore didn’t design, knobs, pulls and handles are one of the subjects that I did the biggest deep dive on when we built our house. You can spend a significant amount of time exploring who you are and what hardware represents your aesthetic.

In Episode 24 of the Home Space and Reason podcast about Knobs, Pull and Handles, I promised to include a drool-worthy list of online hardware shops here on my website so you can peruse until your heart's content.

High Street Market

Lamborn Studio

House of Antique Hardware

A & H Brass

Forge Hardware Studio

The Nanz Company

E.R. Butler & Co.


Eleek Inc ~ focused on sustainability and low environmental impact


Buster + Punch

Eugenia Antique Hardware

My Knobs


Rocky Mountain Hardware

White Chapel Ltd

Signature Hardware

Here are some questions to ask yourself when starting to understand what direction to look when considering your aesthetic for knobs, pulls and handles:

  1. Do you like jewelry? If yes, what kind specifically? Chunky? Delicate?

  2. Do you prefer a minimalist or modern aesthetic?

  3. What lights you up out in the world? If wood bark and ferns set your soul on fire, take note!

  4. Do you love nothing more than your diamond stud earrings or cuff links… take cues from that.

  5. Maybe your soul is cut from the bohemian cloth and you crave warm earthy spaces with saturated fiery orange and electric blue knobs or pulls with some metal mixed in there somewhere.

  6. Maybe you lean more toward exposed wood beams, brick fireplaces and the comfort of your cabin in the woods. Taking cues from this, you might want to bring that mood to your main home in a subtle way with a nod to the peace and tranquility you experience there.

  7. If you love the movie Julie & Julia, or all things culinary, take cues from that. Deep dive into the decor at your favorite restaurant. Surely Pinterest has photos of your favorite chef’s kitchen. GO have another look at your favorite foodie movie… what pulls do they have?

  8. Perhaps Industrial is more your speed with optimum function and less soft edges.

  9. Let’s say your heart sings for all things botanical, take cues from that. From twigs to woven reeds, leaves to actual flowers, this can be as understated or as literal as you wish.

  10. If you love the movie Julie & Julia, or all things culinary, take cues from that. Deep dive into the decor at your favorite restaurant. Surely Pinterest has photos of your favorite chef’s kitchen. GO have another look at your favorite foodie movie… what pulls do they have?

Treat this as a fun adventure!

As I shared in my podcast, Sarah Robertson understands the importance of being organized. As founder and principal of Studio Dearborn, she focuses on the functional details of every kitchen, blending clever storage seamlessly into precision millwork, resulting in tailored, elegant spaces that are fun to cook and live in. Named after her grandmother, Studio Dearborn has emerged as a highly sought after source for kitchen expertise. Featured in House Beautiful, the Washington Post, Apartment Therapy and HGTV Magazine among others, Robertson has an active blog and a loyal social media following.

She sent me the gorgeous photo below of the pulls she chose for her own kitchen. She writes “It’s from A & H Brass in London. I found it there when I just happened to be staying in a hotel adjacent to their location in downtown London! And they shipped our entire kitchens' worth across the pond.” In her email to me, she went on to explain “I love using cast brass hardware with a living finish. I know some people have a hard time with living finishes, but I love how they change over time, and show the marks of time...I wanted that same finish in my kitchen because all the original hardware in my 1920s house is unlacquered just felt right to stick with that.”

Photo credit to Adam Kane Macchia

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