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Choosing safe Candles: A List

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

If you enjoy home-related content, like Home and Garden television, House Beautiful magazine and DIY websites, you might enjoy the Home Space and Reason podcast. It's an intellectual, uplifting podcast about home functionality, design and automation with a bit of history and psychology. “Home Space and Reason” is kid-friendly and all positive; among Top 100 on U.S. charts. I recommend starting at Ep. 1!

Episode 47 is all about luminaries and candles. From discussing what makes a candle high quality to the care of your candle, you'll enjoy this relaxing episode and you might even end up with your own customized mantra. Candles turn your house into a home. As promised in this episode here is a reference guide to some of the high quality, wonderful candles available.

  1. Gold Hill Candle Company hand-poured in the Napa Valley.

  2. Personalized candles by The Shabby Wick.

  3. Thompson Ferrier works of art. Want a Biggie Smalls candle? A skull? This is for you.

  4. "I can still Smell the Rain" poetic license candle by Margot Elena.

  5. Brew Candles with a nod to imbibing. Know someone who loves a good beer or a glass of vino? Swag Brewery makes a hand-poured candle using a recycled 22oz beer bottle, inspired by the flavor of a different craft beer, wine, or whiskey - and they smell amazing! Made here in the USA with a soy wax blend. You’ll find Breakfast Stout and Vintage Merlot right next to Hard Cider and Kentucky Bourbon.

  6. Beachouse LAFCO New York, Sea and Dune.

  7. Byredo Burning Rose Candle: handmade in France using mouth-blown glass and a cotton wick.

  8. PreEmptive Love, the candles that Kristen Bell loves.

  9. Empire Candle by Cire Trudon It’s nice, it’s not too strong, it’s elegant, and it’s a very old candlemaker. It was founded in the 1600s, so they’ve been around for a while.

  10. The BayBerry Candle Factory...a Christmas and New Year tradition for many.

  11. Lehmans Bayberry candles.

  12. Nomad Noe candles.

  13. Greenhouse Scents candles.

  14. LeLabo: A fragrance house that debuted in 2006 and gained an immediate following for its striking scents, apothecary packaging and unique naming convention. Each name consists of a word and a number: the most prominent note and the number of notes in the composition. Freshly made and hand-labeled, often unisex.

  15. NEST Birchwood Pine candle.

  16. Capri Blue Watercolor Candle.

  17. Fresh Coffee Soy Candle.

  18. Personalized Name + Definition candle.

  19. Jo Malone London Peony and Blush Suede.

  20. Boy Smells candles.

  21. Quote Candles by DorothyBCo.

  22. Chesapeake Bay Peace + Tranquility Cashmere Jasmine candle.

  23. White Barn candles last up to 45 hours.

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