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Golden Euonymus under a window? No.

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

I'm thinking about curb appeal, Spring projects and pulling out shrubs that were proportionate when we put them in our flower beds 7 years ago, but are now bursting at the seams. We have Golden Euonymus 'Aureomarginatus' planted here and they look messy and unkept because they want to GROW, GROW, GROW. However, we have windows right there that I don't want to cover. (Also they loose a lot of leaves easily.) I originally loved them because our front door is yellow and they played well with the gray of the house, but now it's time for their next chapter. This certainly falls under the category of "what I wish I knew before I planted my flower beds." They are the messiest plant EVER!

I've re-homed them to a "Home Space and Reason" listener who has a bigger yard! We dug them up, transported them and put them in their already dug holes within a few hours. It's also been raining a lot here which has helped them to not stress. Pulling them out allowed the plants behind them to breathe and created a more neat and tidy appearance from the road. WIN! Their new home is on a whole different property along a fence where they can be as big as they want to be! Notice how they look so big in front of the house and so small along the fence line? THIS speaks to the subject of PROPORTION. It's a big deal! Often times when you are out in the world shopping at a nursery, you see a plant THERE in a different space that is also a different proportion than where you are planting it. As mundane as it seems, measure first (just like when you are getting a Christmas Tree!) to prevent buyers' remorse. Also... notice what it looked like in 2016... it WAS the right proportion but it's full grown size was not proportionate. Now that those shrubs are out, we can clean it up and maybe put a large-ish rock there (maybe that doubles as a bird bath with a slight dip in the top?) or ?? We shall see. I'm letting it marinate for a bit. 😀

The tulips are dying back now and it will eventually be a cleaner look.


Kristina Browning is a Realtor in Oregon City. She holds a Sellers Representation designation (SRS) and is a member of the Masters Circle of high performing Realtors. She represents both buyers and sellers in Portland, Oregon specializing in the SE area. If you need to list your home, you can learn more about her here. You can also follow her on Instagram.

More details: The scientific name for the yellow plants above is Euonymus japonicus. They are evergreen and hardy to -10 degrees growing 4-6' tall x 36' wide. (See why I should not have planted them in front of our window?!) The brownish plants behind them are Phormium Shiraz or New Zealand Flax. They are wine colored evergreen foliage that take full sun although they only get morning sun in this particular location, they are doing well. They grow to 3 ft high and 3 ft across in Zone 8.

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