© 2019- Kristina Browning is a licensed realtor in the State of Oregon

with 503 Properties d.b.a. SpaceAndReason.

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Are there hobbies, activities, or daily rituals that bring you joy or a deep sense of satisfaction? Your home is the framework for your life.  It either opens possibilities or hinders them. It either encourages your passions or makes them difficult. Let's choose with intention.

A place to flourish

Buyers shop online first.  I make sense of any odd spaces and work with you to stage your home as beautiful as it can be so the photos are fantastic, making the best first impression to get people in the door to see it early and offer quick.  Let's get you top dollar for your investment. 

Hire me to sell your home.

We are visual

We want to be the most attentive parents and partners while wishing our homes could be less chaotic. The two FEEL conflicting. If your home is set up to thrive, you can be more present as a parent and a partner. I coach on how to create a home that thrives: Are there areas of your home that aren't functioning right? Let's fix it. Take into consideration the SpaceAndReason.



"This amazing human. Where do I start? A mutual friend Kristina to me, and boy, did she call it. Kristina hears you, your needs, wants, dreams. She goes above and beyond to be available any time and is the kind of flexible realtor a house hunter can only wish to find. I can honestly say you would be hard pressed to find a better realtor and even luckier to keep her around long after your house closes and she hands over the keys. Truth."

~ Terri Miller