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By popular request: this is when you need more than an hour on Facetime, but you might not be ready for the more involved level...this is right in the middle! This could be a curb appeal/exterior home evaluation with paint color recommendations if applicable. Could also be interior spaces that have you perplexed you or need to be more functional.  Whatever your home functionality dilemma, this time is for you.  


Together we can create a home that thrives.


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“Working with Kristina was lots of fun and a real eye-opener for me. Her enthusiasm about color and how to use it was immediately evident when she effortlessly suggested how color added to the framing around our fireplace tiles would help eliminate my fixation on them and enable this focal point to visually recede. She suggested a separate color for the mantel which completed the "makeover." Of course those color selections were just the beginning of her advice on how to brighten our walls without making them stark-white. Kristina made easy the work of picking paint colors for our living spaces; decisions I had struggled with for months before I found her. I will keep her on my 'A' list because a professional colorist like her is hard to find.  She is easy and enjoyable to work with, enthusiastically embraces the opportunity to help solve color-choice dilemmas. Her love for what she does makes her an ideal asset.” 

~ Virginia Miller

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