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Neighbors Window Faces my Yard: Building a Screen

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

I was just speaking with a family member because they know they want to sell their home in a couple of years. We discussed what projects they should plan over this time frame to get the most out of their investment. Some things like "update the kitchen" may be obvious but other things may not be. When I take photos in their backyard, all I notice is the old, ugly red slats in the chainlink fence that they inherited from previous owners. This stunning, custom vertical wood screen was just installed to block the direct view of the back neighbors window which looks straight into their yard. It was built with pretreated wood so upkeep should be minimal.

This is a beautiful sizable yard for being close-in Portland but that fence has either got to be replaced or.... I had another recommendation that will improve the look 1000% without needing replacement since the structure is still sound. You can get faux evergreen strips to weave into the chainlink to replace the red. It will help the fence "disappear" because it resembles a hedge so your mind cancels it out and helps you better see the important things in the space. It's a great option if replacing an ugly chainlink isn't in your budget. This is a great example below of how these homeowners used it around their sport court.

I have so many ideas like this that can drastically help your "end product" to be more appealing, more livable, more functional and more attractive to future buyers. Bonus that you get to enjoy it while living there too!

If you want input like this, contact me about selling your home- even if this is a two year plan! I provide free input like this for all my future listings so you can feel more confident that you have made good decisions about remodeling or updating between now and then.


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